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Climate stories


The project “Climate Stories” aims to empower youngsters with diverse socio-economic backgrounds in the climate debate through participatory research. Youngsters can be more exposed to environmental pollution and can be more susceptible to its damaging health effects, while at the same time they usually have a smaller contribution to environmental pressure and less possibilities to protect themselves. To mitigate these inequalities, Climate Stories gives voice to youngsters through a participatory research approach and interdisciplinary partnership. At least 20 participants will be engaged in Brussels and Hasselt through a citizen science campaign and the photo voice method. The participants will collect and analyse data about the local air quality with sensors and will record their experiences and concerns through photographs. The collected “climate stories” from the participants represent their experiences, concerns and wishes and visions on a sustainable Brussels and Hasselt. A public exhibition will occur at the end of the project to disseminate the results to a wider audience and generate policy impact. Further, a methodological paper will be written for conducting and designing inclusive citizen social science projects.

Participating artists

  • Pupils St. Jozef Anderlecht, pupils St. Lukas Brussel, dra. Teis De Greve, 3BA MIND students: Nel Bries, Ines Germeau, Sam Evers, Elise Reuschel, Maarten Vandevelde, Demi Vanderstappen

Practical information

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