Learning Account

In 2009, the ‘learning account’ came into effect in Flemish higher education. The idea is to encourage you to make an informed choice of study. It should also stimulate institutions to monitor their students’ study progress. The learning account system is relevant to degree-seeking students only.

How does it work?

The learning account is a virtual backpack with credits. As of academic year 2008-2009, everyone (including students already following higher education) receives 140 credits upon their enrolment in Flemish higher education. Each time you enrol in a course component, credits are taken from your backpack. If you pass this particular course component, these credits are accumulated again. If you do not pass or are allowed to pass a course component after deliberation, these credits are deducted from your learning account for good.

The learning account is for anyone who has a diploma contract for initial training (bachelor and master) and for any enrolments with a credit contract.

If you are a higher education student for the first time this academic year, you can benefit from a special regulation should you wish to re-orient. Re-orientation means that you change to another course during the academic year. If you do so before 1 December, you'll regain all the credits used. If you do so between 1 December and 15 March, you'll regain half of them. After 15 March, you'll receive none of the credits back.

Bonus of 60 credits

The path from secondary to higher education is not always strewn with roses. That is why we have incorporated a measure to remedy this. The first 60 credits you gain are doubled.

Already a student?

Have you already studied in higher education? Just like new students, you will be given a ‘starter backpack’ with 140 credits. The first 60 credits you achieve will be doubled for you as well. We do not take your past studies into account. However, each institution independently defines the date until when changes in enrolments have consequences for the learning account.

Finished your bachelor's degree?

After you have obtained your bachelor degree, you will retain your learning account. If you obtain a master degree, the starting capital of 140 credits is deducted. If your study path has proceeded without any problems you will be left with 60 credits. If you end up with a learning account below 60, your learning account will be accumulated again to 60 at a rate of 10 credits per academic year.

No more credits left in your account?

If you don't have any credits left in your learning account, the institution may refuse to enrol you or ask you to pay a double enrolment fee. In certain cases you can accumulate your learning account again.

Status of your learning account

You can consult the status of your learning account, using your electronic ID card or a federal token on the student portal.

If as a first-time student you wish to change courses (re-orient), it is very important for you to closely monitor withdrawal from the first course and enrolment in the new course. As mentioned earlier, strict dates determine whether or not you will regain your learning account. Students who wish to make changes to their course programme during the academic year or who wish to withdraw are also advised to closely monitor this. The institution itself defines the date until when changes will affect the learning account.

Via the student portal you can monitor all these changes yourself. If you notice that a change or withdrawal is not indicated (correctly) on this website, you are advised to contact your college or university as soon as possible to rectify this.