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Campus Genk / C-mine

You will find Campus C-mine Genk in the center of Limburg. We believe an inclusive and sustainable environment is a condition for good performance. That is why we try our best to have everyone feel wanted, valued, seen and heard.

We strive for a campus that reflects the wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives in society. A place where you are welcome, regardless of your gender, age, cultural background, who you love or what you believe.

The C-mine site where we are located is an inspiring environment for creative entrepreneurship and a breeding ground for young talent. Thanks to numerous local and EU-regional collaborations, there is permanent cross-fertilization with the professional field: C-mine Crib, FabLab, IO (Innovation & Design Euregio), Jester and other organisations.

Campus C-mine offers a spectrum of courses that are unique in Flanders: Animation Film, Photography, Television and Film, Product Design and Game Design. All our courses start from an artistic perspective, supplemented by a strong technical foundation.

In short: if you want to be educated in the arts, Campus C-mine is the place to be!

Practical Campus Information


LUCA Services

All of our campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art labs and devices. These are accessible to students and staff.

Lending Service

Need audio-visual equipment and tools? The Lending Service can provide you with high-end equipment from professional reflex camera to lighting.