Degree programmes

A degree student is a student registered at LUCA for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, for which the student, if successfully passed all the courses, obtains an official diploma. 

LUCA School of Arts offers 4 Master’s degree programmes taught in English: Visual Arts (specializations in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Photography), Audiovisual Arts (specializations in Animation Film and Film), Music and Textile Design. For all other Master’s degree programmes Dutch is the official language of instruction. 

LUCA School of Arts offers 13 bachelor degrees with 29 different specialisations. Dutch is the official language of instruction. Consequently, all of our bachelor's programmes are completely organized in Dutch. The required level of Dutch is level B2.  

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) ECTS in Flanders

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Refugees welcome at LUCA!

All information about the Admission Requirements and the enrollment procedure to start a bachelor's degree for students with a refugee status (or similar).

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