Students who register at LUCA School of Arts are covered for:

  1. Student accidents: coverage for physical accidents (personal injuries): both included for EEA and non-EEA-students
  2. Personal third-party liability: coverage property damage or physical injury caused to a third-party (someone else) during your private life. EEA students can optionally join the policy, the affiliation is not automatic, but non-EEA students have to take personal third-party liability on compulsory basis and will be affiliated with the policy upon enrolment at LUCA.  The annual premium is 10 euro in the first year of study and 5 euro for the following years.

Moreover, international students who enrol at LUCA can also optionally affiliate to the travel insurance of KU Leuven Association, but only if specific insurance requirements are imposed by a third party. A proof of travel insurance is usually not required when applying for a study visa.  

Important note: if you have specific questions or inquiries, please contact first and foremost and not the KU Leuven Insurance Office!!