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Siebert Mispelon

Forever Primal (2020)

Video (11 min)

A circle, a hole, a portal. A white screen lights up space. Deep bass sounds and loud drums. The sound of empty space. ROOM TONE. A drum within a space and space within a drum. A shell (protection) - A wall - inside/outside. -Texture defect. A pile of drums /smashed/. A seam. Push-Pull. We are now inside. Swirl-Swirl-Swirl. A primal instinct. A system. We are now inside. (insert dust particles) - a void. We are now inside. - Cut to black. 

Within my practice, I question the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality. The distinction between fiction and reality. I’m interested in the interrelation between inner space, physical space, virtual space & the body. The work is often fundamentally an attempt at pulling you in and rejecting you at the same time resulting in an audiovisual environment that never fully lets you immerse.