Carl Van Eyndhoven: A la recherche du temps perdu

"A la recherche du temps perdu". Een artistieke reconstructie van de beiaardmuziek tussen 1600 en 1650 in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden op basis van historische versteekboeken

Carl Van Eyndhoven

  • Research Unit Music & Drama
  • Research Group Performance Practice & Composition

A reconstruction of carillon music in the Southern Netherlands between 1600 and 1650, based on artistic research on historical versteek-books. The remarkable development of the carillon in the 17C (culminating with the brothers François and Pieter Hemony) sharply contrasts with the lack of carillon literature dating from this period. Until now, only two versteek-books from the first half of the 17th century have come to light: the versteek-book written by Hendrick Claes (Brussels, ca. 1616-1633) and the versteek-book by Théodore de Sany (Brussels, 1648). These merely contain arrangements for automatic carillon. Recent research not only reveals that these versteek-books are interesting because of resulting repertory research, but also that comparative research of versteek-books and carillon literature with related musical sources is highly important toarrive at a well founded performance of carillon repertoire. By analogy with these findings, this PhD-research aims at reconstructing a 17th century carillon book, based on a comparative analysis of, on the one hand, these two versteek-books and related sources and, on the other hand, 17th century carillons (keyboards, drums).

Artistic portfolio: CD with recordings of work in progress and CD with versteek-books

  • Supervisor: David Burn
  • Co-Supervisor: Erik Van Nevel
  • Duration: completed 2012
  • E-mail:

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