Projectweek met Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher, muziektherapie Universität der Künste Berlin

Synchrony in improvisation and Autism

From 26th to 29th of November Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher will give presentations and practical workshops to the students of music therapy in LUCA School of Arts, campus Lemmens. The aim is that students learn to use the AQR instrument in theory and in practice.

Karin Schumacher (Prof. Dr. rer. sc. mus.) is professor of Music Therapy at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She was teaching the past decades in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Thailand, South-Korea and Japan where she has inspired generations of students to become music therapists. Her clinical work and scientific research centers on interpersonal relationship skills in children with autism. She is internationally recognized and awarded as founder of the ‘Assessment of Quality of Relationship’ (AQR) instrument. She has published numerous articles in music therapy journals and is a frequent invited keynote and plenary speaker on autism and music therapy at international conferences.

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