Studying as an exchange student at LUCA

An exchange student is a student (officially registered in a university or other institution for higher education abroad) who temporarily lives in a foreign country and attends courses or is involved in other academic activities.

Exchange students don’t receive a diploma from LUCA. However, all academic results will be sent to your university abroad in the form of a transcript of records.

You can study at LUCA as an exchange student on condition that there is a cooperation agreement between the university where you are currently studying and LUCA. You can obtain more information about cooperation agreements from the international office at your university or college. The courses offered to exchange students vary depending on the specialisation and campus you choose. If you have questions, please contact the international office:

Application Information

  • Step1: Nomination beforehand by your international coordinator at home. The exchange coordinator at your home university must confirm your nomination preferably by e-mail:
  • Step2: Send the complete application by the deadline to
    • Complete Application:
      • Complete the application form in all its fields: clearly indicate in which studio / Function you are interested and at which campus you would like to spend your exchange. You are allowed to choose utmost two programmes or studios. Notice that students who are interested in Music, should use the AEC application form and not the regular application form.
      • Be sure to attach al the required documents:
        • Motivational Letter: briefly state the reasons why you wish to study abroad at LUCA.
        • the Transcript of Records of previous years completed at your home institution
        • copy of proof of identity (ID)
        • for all Arts & Design: Portfolio (max. size of 15MB, film and animation film students are allowed to send their docs. via WeTransfer)
        • for Construction Technology: no portfolio required
        • for Drama: your portfolio as piece of performance, a listening fragment via WeTransfer
        • Specific guidelines for the application for an exchange at Lemmens within the Music Department can be found in the attachment.
  • Particular points of attention:
    • Please convert documents to PDF;
    • Do not send the several attachments collected as one file/binder, keep them as separate documents and preferably name the documents by their contents (CV, motivation, …), this makes their processing easier. Also, tag each document with your name and first name, like ‘DE NEEVE JAN – CV’;
    • Preferably do not ZIP your application file;
    • Don't send the application file through any download site, nor link (this is reserved to Film, Video and Animation Film related studies only who can use WeTransfer!) and don't send attachments as inline attachments, this too often causes the computer to freeze, especially if sent from a Mac device

Application Deadlines

  • Applications autumn semester and full year: 30th of April 2021
  • Applications spring semester: 1st of November 2021

Outcome Exchange Application

The outcome of the application can be expected within 6 weeks after the application deadline. Both you and your international coordinator will be informed about the result of your application by personal e-mail, there is no need to inquire about the outcome yourself.

Semester Dates

The exact semester dates can slightly vary every year and depending on the local campus organisation. However usually, semester one (Autumn semester) starts around the middle of September and finishes around the end of January. Semester two (Spring semester) starts at the beginning of February and finishes at the end of June.