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Antia Caldeiro

My Hands Do Not Dig Mountains (2020)

Variable dimensions
Sand, charcoal, red tape, rainwater in glass bottles with labels, photographic colour
prints, sound loop

The landscapes that are part of this project are far from cities, they were used by industry and finally abandoned. In these landscapes, marks have been left behind or some parts have disappeared, resulting in a “lack” in the landscape. These traces and remains have
straight, geometric shapes. They marked the natural elements of the landscape with artificiality. Artificial is everything that results from what people do. I have always been impressed by this strange equivalence between what a machine does and what a person does on their own.
These landscapes are located in my homeland. In them I perform actions related to constructions or movements of machines, interpreting these traces as a kind of choreography of walking. For me, walking is a way of knowing and discovering space, not only in a physical way but also in a sensory way based on experience. Through the observation of the elements, I try to situate myself as a human body in the landscape. Brussels, where I lived during this last year, is made up of pieces of landscapes that have been taken from their place of origin and moved here, arranged in the form of heaps. I identify myself with these landscapes as a body taken from its context and transported
here. In the months that I have been in Brussels, I have collected some samples of heaps as well as rainwater. I am certain that many of the water particles from Brussels rains once also watered my homeland and circulated in its rivers. Will they send me their regards?

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Born in Narón, Spain, 1994

∙ MA Visual Arts, Photography, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, 2019∙2020
∙ Fine Arts, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca, Spain, 2015·2019
∙ Fine Arts, MSoA, Manchester Metropolitan University (Erasmus program),
∙ Higher Education in Artistic Photography, EASD Antonio Failde, Ourense,
Spain, 2012·2014
∙ “Ceramics: from traditional expression to modernity”, Cuenca, Spain, 2018
∙ “Creating the emotional space of a film: Artistic direction”, Cuenca, Spain,
∙ “IV Autumn talks in Cuenca about cinematography”, Cuenca, Spain, 2015
∙ “The Heart of an image” David Jiménez, Ourense, Spain, 2015
∙ “From idea to project” Virgilio Ferreira, Braga, Portugal, 2014
Individual exhibitions
∙ Non-body, Fine Arts University (UCLM), Cuenca, Spain, 2019
∙ Cucho, Fine Arts University (UCLM), Cuenca, Spain, 2017
∙ Inmarcesible, Fine Arts University (UCLM), Cuenca, Spain, 2017
Group Exhibitions
∙ Een nabije toekomst, online exhibition, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium, 2020
∙ Xuventude Crea 20 Igrexa da Universidade, Santiago de Compostela, Spain,
∙ Novos Valores, Pontevedra Museum, Pontevedra, Spain, 2020
∙ XVI Encuentro de artistas, Fundación Amelia Moreno, Espacio El Dorado
Quintanar de la Orden, Spain, 2019
∙ Bronces, Fine Arts University (UCLM), Cuenca, Spain, 2018
∙ Novos Valores, Pontevedra Museum, Pontevedra, Spain, 2018
∙ Body of My Own, Unit 2, Salford, United Kingdom, 2018
∙ Ecos, Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca, Spain, 2016
∙ .doc magazine, EASD Antonio Failde, Ourense, Spain, 2018
∙ DEMO magazine, EASD Antonio Failde, Ourense, Spain, 2014