vr 03.02.2023, 15u - 18u

Campus Brussel / Sint-Lukas, Terrarium

We Will Be With You Shortly


“We Will Be With You Shortly” is an exhibition created by LUCA students from all different disciplines. A project created in a one week workshop for the master elective ‘Curatorial Practices’. 

In this exhibition the students/we explore the “in-between” space by creating an atm

osphere that is hard to define and in which it is not certain, for you as a visitor, what to do or what the function of the space is. This potential space of ambiguity is inspired by the term “lull”, which indicates a temporary interval of quiet.

This Friday 03/02 at 3pm till 6pm we will be open to the public. the works of known and less known artists will be shown at the Terrarium.